The Middle East possesses some of the world’s busiest and most popular swimming pools. The temperature is scorching hot and the pools are luxurious. Notably, the way of doing business and the local cultural preferences are quite different from most western organizations.  Nevertheless, the demand for new technologies and improved security solutions is very high.

Earlier this week, SwimEye met with the Dubai office of Innovation Norway.  Together, they have been actively researching and probing the Middle Eastern market to find SwimEye’ first project in the region.  SwimEye plans to bring Dubai drowning detection technology.

SwimEye is confident they can provide a flexible and customized product to suit the local requirements. This is one of the product advantages of SwimEye.  The system is flexible and highly customizable to suit any customer or regional preferences.

To approach the Middle East region, SwimEye has developed a computer vision system that considers the requirements and sensitivities of the Middle Eastern market – SwimEye Sensitive.

Follow this link to learn more about SwimEye Sensitive or contact SwimEye today.


Pictured is Tor Petter Johansen, Cheif Executive Officer – SwimEye, holding a video conference with Per Christer Lund and his team at the Innovation Norway Dubai office.

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