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Sales record in the UK

2018 has been a great year for SwimEye Scan.  Sales figures have recently broken all previous records. Much of this is attributed to the partnership between SwimEye and their United Kingdom (UK) partner, Poolview Ltd.  

SwimEye Scan is a customized version of SwimEye, developed in collaboration with Poolview’s original system architecture. It has been specifically developed for the UK market and a product called Poolview Plus+.

The result is a small screen lifeguard interface that provides underwater vision, object detection, alerts and advanced features, directly poolside to lifeguards.  It can also be fixed to any existing lifeguard tower, chair or podium.

Blending digital technology with traditional lifeguarding

Poolview Plus+ embraces a concept that Poolview has entitled “Blended Lifeguarding”.

“With Blended Lifeguarding, we offer digital technology to pool lifeguards, in a way that perfectly complements traditional lifeguarding methods,” says Robin McGloughlin – Poolview, Business Director.

“After first launching Poolview Plus+ in 2017, the market feedback has been very positive. Our order book takes us to April 2019,” continued Robin.  “Although we are busy, the most important thing for Poolview is maintaining outstanding client relationships and delivering quality after-sales service,” he concludes.

SwimEye positive about further growth

SwimEye has been focused on the UK market for several years now and Tor Petter Johansen – SwimEye, Chief Executive Officer, could not be happier with recent results.

“We have been visiting the UK for some time. It is a large market and very important to us, given the close proximity to our home in Norway. Recent sales growth has been excellent and we are very positive about the future of the UK market,” he said.

“Much of this is to be credited to our relationship with Poolview and the development of SwimEye Scan for their Poolview Plus+ product,” he said.

“The development of Poolview Plus+ demonstrates that Poolview really understands the swimming pool sector. They also have a great business sense and a ‘nose’ for finding new opportunities. The installation of Poolview Plus+ into the UK hotel sector, is one excellent example of their capabilities,” says Tor.

“SwimEye is both excited and humbled to partner with Poolview. Poolview has an excellent understanding of SwimEye and our ability to customize the SwimEye technology to suit different security applications,” concludes Tor.

Breaking previous sales records

SwimEye expects to install 40 new SwimEye Scan systems (in conjunction with Poolview) by the end of 2018. This is an average of one new project completed every week, for the rest of the year.

Since launching the product with Poolview, feedback has been excellent.  Many customers have now successfully tested and adopted the technology. For customers with multiple aquatic facilities, they are now confidently ordering additional systems in order to improve the security and safety of their wider portfolio.

SwimEye expects to double sales of SwimEye Scan again in 2019, adjusting sales projections to 300 SwimEye installations in the UK by 2021.  During the same year, SwimEye expects to exceed a total of 500 installations – a target milestone for the company.

If you would like to learn more about SwimEye Scan or the market development in the United Kingdom, contact SwimEye today.


Photo: Tor Petter Johansen – SwimEye, Chief Executive Officer, Helen Dixon and Robin McGloughlin – Poolview Ltd. Business Director, at Hart Leisure Centre, Hart, UK.

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