November 1 is ten years since CEO Tor Petter Johansen joined SwimEye.  Today we marked the occasion with a small celebration of the milestone.

Tor Petter joined SwimEye in 2008, shortly after the installation of our first drowning alarm system.  Since this time, he has been deeply involved in sales and customer relations, until accepting the position of CEO in 2012.

We credit Tor Petter with many achievements during this time, specifically his ability to find new international markets, and develop strong relationships with partners and clients in each region.  Tor Petter is also the company’s most influential advocate for innovation and continued research and development.  He is always pushing for the future version of SwimEye computer vision detection.

Tor Petter is also very “hands-on” within the business and you will often see him installing underwear cameras, in the pool testing our drowning detection or staring in our marketing videos.

His happy nature and genuine character extend well beyond the SwimEye corporate office, where Tor is known as a selfless father and family man.

We wish Tor Petter congratulations on this milestone and thank him for his tireless leadership.  We also wish Tor cheers for the next ten years!

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