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Announcing the new Chairman

SwimEye takes great pleasure to announce the appointment of Olav Rhune Olsen (58) as the new company Chairman.  Olsen will provide SwimEye with a broad range of professional experience from various leadership and stewardship positions in the marketing, ICT, finance and investment sectors.

Olav Rhune Olsen excited to join the SwimEye team

“First of all, I feel very excited and privileged to join the SwimEye team.  It is a strong company with many opportunities ahead,” said Olav Rhune Olsen – SwimEye, incoming Chairman. “I am convinced that we can reinforce our market presence and continue SwimEye’s incredible journey. I also see great potential in new, international markets,” he said.

Olsen is known for his professional conviction. He has a great ability to drive teams and businesses towards success, with experience from both small and large companies.  He will contribute knowledge from roles in consultancy, investment, mentoring and importantly, entrepreneurship.

He also demonstrates a strong commitment to his personal activities. For example, he has recently cycled from Oslo to Paris, amongst other exceptional personal challenges. The SwimEye board has recognised Olsen’s qualities and experiences, to be those of a determined and quality leader; believing that Olsen will add new energy to the corporate culture.

Acknowledging the fine work of the outgoing chairman

Olsen will replace former Chairman (and company founder) Torodd Buer, who will now conclude his 6-year tenure as SwimEye Chairman.  

“Secondly, we must also acknowledge outgoing Chairman Torodd Buer. He has made an excellent contribution to SwimEye,” said Olav Rhune. “Buer has lead SwimEye from the initial start-up phase, through product development and into a very successful growth phase. 

For this, Buer is known as the ‘father of SwimEye’ and he steps down on a very positive note.  He will continue on the company Board of Directors, with more focus on technical issues and product development,” he continued.

“Finally, I must acknowledge that I look forward to joining SwimEye and leading the team through further innovation and growth,” concluded Olav Rhune.

Words from the outgoing Chairman

“It has been a busy and challenging time at SwimEye, but it has been very rewarding,” says Torodd Buer – SwimEye, outgoing Chairman.  “I am proud of SwimEye and the technology our team has developed. Together we have created an innovative and user-friendly security solution. I truly believe in our cause and that we are helping to save lives,” continued Torodd.

“SwimEye is the market leader of drowning prevention technology for swimming pools in the Scandinavian market.  It is a fast-developing niche within the security sector, where quality and client satisfaction are a strong focus,” he said. “We have achieved many of our initial goals; some of which were very ambition.  However, we will remain focused on increasing our market share and continuing the innovation process,” continued Torodd.

“I am therefore very pleased to hand over the role to an experienced and competent leader such as Olav Rhune Olsen. He has a clear vision for both the trajectory and product portfolio of SwimEye,” concluded Torodd. SwimEye welcomes the new Chairman and wishes him all the best success in the position.

If you would like to know more about the new Chairman, contact SwimEye today.

Images: Olav Rhune Olsen (first), Torodd Buer.

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