About SwimEye

What we do at SwimEye

SwimEye develops, manufactures and retails rapid alerts for life-saving situations.  Our flagship product is the SwimEye drowning prevention system for public swimming pool.  SwimEye is a lifeguard support tool that works as an “extra lifeguard” in your pool.

We supply and service all international markets, operating from our home in Stavanger, Norway.

Our niche industry

We operate in a unique industry sector that focuses on the development and installation of Computer Vision Detection Systems for swimming pools.  

This is a niche safety and technology sector which is guided by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).  The related ISO Standard can be found via the following link:

ISO 20380:2017 Public Swimming Pools – Computer Vision Detection Systems

We are the international benchmark

Hear our story

SwimEye was first conceived in 2004 and launched in June 2005. The first SwimEye system was officially installed in Stavanger, Norway, in July 2006. SwimEye is owned and operated by Davo AS.

Our vision

SwimEye has earned the reputation as the international benchmark for drowning detection systems for public swimming pools. This is due to our focus on an extended strategic view, the cultivation of our relationships and the following core principles:

Our Vision:

We strive to be the leading supplier of Computer Vision Detection Systems for swimming pools.

Our Mission:

We will continue to innovate and develop rapid alerts technologies for life-saving situations.

Our strategy.

Our business strategy is guided by the following strategic principles:


We will continue to innovate by adopting new technological improvements and responding to customer preferences.


We strive to maintain a price competitive market position and yet remain flexible to our individual client preferences.


We will ensure that all of our products come with the highest levels of security, safety, quality and automation.

Our culture

We conduct our business in accordance with to the following Scandinavian values:


We will always be cost competitive and deliver on our obligations.


We will provide high-quality products and technical services.


We are honest, positive and collaborative in all of our activities.


We are flexible and accommodating of client’s objectives.

Want to learn more about SwimEye?

SwimEye is a drowning detection and prevention system that will make your swimming pool safer. Contact us today!


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 +47 958 20 005

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