SwimEye saves lives

An autonomous and innovative drowning detection and prevention technology

What is SwimEye?

SwimEye is a technologically advanced Computer Vision Detection System for swimming pools. SwimEye works like an “extra lifeguard” under the surface of your swimming pool and can be customized to suit any pool.

SwimEye is an autonomous Computer Vision Detection System that works as an “extra lifeguard”.

SwimEye can be customized to suit any client preferences, cultural sensitivities, or local regulations.

 Each of our accessory alert products can be seemlessly integrated into your SwimEye system.

We can provide technical assistance and engineering support during swimming pool and facility design.

How does SwimEye work?

Our under-water cameras monitor, track and record swimmer’s actions and movement. This information is relayed back to the Computer Vision Detection System for automatic analysis. When SwimEye detects a swimmer in distress on the bottom of the pool, it will raise an electronic alarm to pool lifeguards and to our monitoring & control station.  Lifeguards can visually assess the developing situation within seconds of the event occurring.

Why choose SwimEye?


Our cameras can achieve 100% visual coverage of your pool (ISO standards require 80% minimum).


Secure and customizable to be compliant with regional data protection and privacy regulations.


SwimEye is suitable for any swimming pool type, new or existing, any construction material, and all shapes and sizes.


We will deliver the absolute best-quality products, software, sales-support, service and maintenance.

Safety comes first with SwimEye!

 What’s Happening at SwimEye?

Quality Customer Service

SwimEye’s clients have great expectations when investing in a computer vision detection system for their swimming pool. It is important, therefore, that SwimEye provides high-quality products and services. This is both during installation and following the system...

SwimEye exhibits in Sweden

Träffpunkt Idrott is the largest exhibition and conference for sports and swimming facilities in the Scandinavian region.  This year's event was held on 5 - 7 March 2018, at the Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg, Sweden. SwimEye's Tor Petter Johansen, Torodd Buer, and Jenny...

Hotel pools safer with SwimEye

SwimEye has entered the hotel and accommodation market in 2018. This follows the customization of SwimEye for the hotel, resort, and leisure club sector.  The hotel compatible SwimEye Computer Vision Detection System has been achieved in collaboration with Poolview...

SwimEye Innovation Focus

Since establishing in 2005, SwimEye has focused on an extended strategic vision. February 2014 was the start of another ambitious evolution for SwimEye. The plan was aimed at revolutionizing SwimEye and shaking-up the industry. After three and a half years of...

SwimEye Scan – award winner

Over the last two years, SwimEye has been collaborating with Poolview Ltd. Poolview is located in the United Kingdom, and they service the UK and other English-speaking markets. The result of this collaboration has led to Poolview Plus+™. This is an innovative and...

New International Markets

SwimEye has been operating in the Scandinavian market for more than a decade. Recently, they have gained traction with clients in new international markets. “Our entry into the global arena took-off in 2017.  This has been part of our extended strategic view for some...

Want to know more about SwimEye? 

SwimEye is an autonomous drowning detection and prevention system that will make your swimming pool safer. Contact us today!
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