SwimEye saves lives

A drowning detection and prevention technology

What is SwimEye?

SwimEye is a technologically advanced Computer Vision Detection System for swimming pools.

Our object recognition software will track the movements of all swimmers in your pool.  In the event of a serious drowning incident, SwimEye will help improve lifeguard’s reaction times.   SwimEye works like an “extra lifeguard” under the water of your pool and can be customized to suit any swimming pool.

SwimEye is an autonomous Computer Vision Detection System that works as an “extra lifeguard”.

SwimEye can be customized to suit any client preferences, cultural sensitivities, or local regulations.

 Each of our accessory alert products can be seamlessly integrated into your SwimEye system.

We can provide technical assistance and engineering support during swimming pool and facility design.

How does SwimEye work?

Our under-water cameras monitor, track and record swimmer’s actions and movement. This information is relayed back to the Computer Vision Detection System for automatic analysis. When SwimEye detects a swimmer in distress on the bottom of the pool, it will raise an electronic alarm to pool lifeguards and to our monitoring & control station.  Lifeguards can visually assess the developing situation within seconds of the event occurring.

Why choose SwimEye?


Our cameras can achieve 100% visual coverage of your pool (ISO standards require 80% minimum).


Secure and customizable to be compliant with regional data protection and privacy regulations.


SwimEye is suitable for any swimming pool type, new or existing, any construction material, and all shapes and sizes.


We will deliver the absolute best-quality products, software, sales-support, service and maintenance.

Safety comes first with SwimEye!

 What’s Happening at SwimEye?

Entering the Middle East

The Middle East possesses some of the world's busiest and most popular swimming pools. The temperature is scorching hot and the pools are luxurious. Notably, the way of doing business and the local cultural preferences are quite different from most western...

Interbad 2018, Stuttgart, Germany

SwimEye is exhibiting at Interbad 2018. This is the world’s premier international trade fair for swimming pools, saunas, and spas. Interbad will be held at Messe Stuttgart, in Germany, 23 – 26 October 2018, Hall 6, Stand C91. Follow this link more official information...

Technical Manager appointed

SwimEye today announced the appointment of a Technical Manager, Nicholas Sutherland (34), which is a new position within the company.  Sutherland will provide SwimEye with a range of digital and technical capabilities and he will be responsible for the technical...

Sales Office in Sweden

SwimEye has officially announced the opening of a sales office in Stockholm, Sweden. Following strong and consistent growth in the region, it demonstrates their confidence in the market.  Sweden has been a part of the SwimEye international growth strategy for some...

AAA Credit Rating

SwimEye has achieved a "Triple-A" credit rating for the 2017 financial year, following a recent using the Dun & Bradstreet assessment tool.  This is the best credit rating an organization can achieve, and SwimEye has achieved this rating in three of the past four...

Preview SwimEye Alert

SwimEye recently completed security upgrades to both pools and client amenity areas at the Sotenäs Rehabcenter, Tumlaren.  We installed SwimEye Alert (distress alarm system) and SwimEye (our drowning detection and prevention technology). The result is one simple and...

Want to know more about SwimEye?

SwimEye is an autonomous drowning detection and prevention system that will make your swimming pool safer. Contact us today!
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