SwimEye saves lives

A drowning detection system for any pool

SwimEye – a drowning detection system

SwimEye is a computer vision system for the detection of drowning accidents in swimming pools.  

It works like an “extra lifeguard” under the water of your pool.   Our object recognition software tracks the movements of all swimmers in a pool.  And in the event of a serious drowning incident, SwimEye will improve the reaction-time of lifeguards as they initiate a rescue.

More About SwimEye

SwimEye is an autonomous Computer Vision Detection System that works as an “extra lifeguard”.

Customize SwimEye

SwimEye can be customized to suit any client preferences, cultural sensitivities, or local regulations.

Accessory Products

 Each of our accessory alert products can be seamlessly integrated into your SwimEye system.

Consultancy Service

We can provide technical assistance and engineering support during swimming pool and facility design.

How Does SwimEye Work?

Our under-water cameras monitor and track the movement of all swimmers in your pool. This information is relayed back to the Computer Vision Detection System for automatic analysis. 

When SwimEye detects a swimmer in distress on the bottom of the pool, it will raise an electronic alarm to our Monitoring & Control Station, and to pool lifeguards.  Lifeguards can visually assess the developing situation within seconds of the event occurring.

Why choose SwimEye?


SwimEye can provide very stable monitoring and highly effective drowning incident detection.


SwimEye is secure, private and customizable to be compliant with regional data protection and privacy regulations.


SwimEye is suitable for any swimming pool.  New pools or existing pools (full of water), all shapes & sizes, and any construction type.


SwimEye will deliver the absolute best-quality products, software, sales-support, service and maintenance.

Safety comes first with SwimEye!

 What’s Happening at SwimEye?

Wi-Fi & swimming pool computer vision

At SwimEye headquarters, we get this question a lot.  “Does SwimEye use Wi-Fi for swimming pool computer vision systems." And "can SwimEye be used on our mobile devices?”  Sound great, right?   However, the short answer is no, SwimEye is not ‘mobile’.  At SwimEye, we...

97% system test in Lucerne

Last week, SwimEye completed a very successful system test for a project in Lucerne, Switzerland.  The project includes drowning detection in two pools; a 25 x 21m swimming pool and a 12.5 x 12.5m diving pool.  It is also a "take-over" project, where SwimEye has been...

Ten years with Tor Petter

November 1 is ten years since CEO Tor Petter Johansen joined SwimEye.  Today we marked the occasion with a small celebration of the milestone. Tor Petter joined SwimEye in 2008, shortly after the installation of our first drowning alarm system.  Since this time, he...

Farewell from Interbad 2018

Quite nice to be home in Norway today, after spending a busy but rewarding few days at Interbad 2018, Stuttgart. Interbad is one of the world's largest aquatic and leisure trade fairs, which once again proved to be an excellent event. SwimEye attended and exhibited...

Lifeguard support in simple words

Having recently come from the Australian construction industry, I was confident that I would quickly understand the SwimEye products.  Cameras, cables, control boxes, network switches and computers.  Add some unique software and you have autonomous, under-water CCTV...

Press Release: drowning rescue

SwimEye confirms that on 15 October 2018, a potentially serious drowning incident occurred at a customer location in Norway.  Thankfully the swimmer was successfully rescued from the bottom of the pool. The swimmer made a short visit to the hospital for observation...

Want to learn more about SwimEye?

SwimEye is a drowning detection and prevention system that will make your swimming pool safer. Contact us today!


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