Austevollbadet – Storebø, Norway

Project Description:

Drowning detection has been installed in the deep end of this 25m swimming pool, providing lifeguards with extra support in the most challenging part of their pool.  SwimEye is perfect for supervision of inflatable play structures and other water play elements, where it is quite simple for a swimmer to become trapped underwater.


25.0 x 15.0 m swimming pool – depth 1 to 2.0m


Austevoll Kommune and Engelsen Bygg AS

Picture Credentials:

Voll Arkitekter and Mette Storebø.


SwimEye develops, manufactures and retails rapid alerts for life-saving situations. Our core product is the SwimEye Computer Vision Detection System. SwimEye works as an “extra lifeguard” in your swimming pool. We supply and service all international markets, operating from our home in Stavanger, Norway.

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