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Below are the questions frequently asked about SwimEye products and services.

“Computer vision systems for the detection of drowning accidents” is a term defined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for drowning detection and prevention systems such as SwimEye. 
ISO 20380:2017 is the standard that guides our niche technology sector.

Q: What is SwimEye?
A: SwimEye is an autonomous “Computer Vision System” that works as an extra lifeguard in your swimming pool.
Q: What is the definition of a "Computer Vision System"? And is there an international standard?

A: “Computer Vision System” is the standard term used to describe systems like SwimEye.

Computer Vision Systems use technical items such as cameras and computers to detect drowning incidents in swimming pools.   Computer Vision System are defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the related standard can be found via the following link:

ISO 20380:2017 Public swimming pools – Computer Vision Systems for the detection of drowning accidents in swimming pools.

Q: How does SwimEye actually work?

A: SwimEye utilizes multiple under-water cameras which monitor and track the actions and behaviour of people in a swimming pool.

This information is relayed to the Monitoring & Control Station for analysis by our object recognition software (the Computer Vision System). When SwimEye detects a swimmer in distress on the bottom of the pool, it activates an alarm to pool lifeguards and to the Monitoring and Control Station.

The Monitoring and Control Station provides lifeguards with a quick reference to the location of the incident. This reduces and prevents incidents of drowning, by improving lifeguard situation response times.

SwimEye only records and saves camera footage when a potential drowning incident occurs.  However, SwimEye can also be customized to change the vision and recording parameters.

Q: Can SwimEye be installed in any swimming pool?
A: SwimEye is designed to be installed in swimming pools of all types, shapes and sizes.
Q: Can SwimEye be installed into existing swimming pools?

A: SwimEye can be installed in new swimming pools or into existing pools.

For typical tiled, concrete swimming pools, SwimEye cameras are installed by core drilling through the pool walls (working from the pool basement).  This can also be achieved when the pool is full of water (avoiding expensive drainage costs).

For swimming pools without a basement or pools constructed of other materials, we can surface mount SwimEye to the internal pool surface.

Q: Can SwimEye monitor an entire pool?

A: With the optimum number of underwater cameras SwimEye can typically monitor 100% of the pool basin area in standard-shaped pools.   

For curved or custom-shaped pools, we complete a customised system design to achieve 100% basin monitoring in most cases.

Q: Is SwimEye a replacement for traditional lifeguards?

A: SwimEye drowning detection technology (and other computer vision systems) is not a replacement for human lifeguards – it is a digital support tool that helps lifeguards monitor for serious drowning incidents, under the water of our pools. 

Q: What does "10:20" mean with regard to SwimEye Scan?

A: The term “10:20” originates from lifeguard training regulations in the United Kingdom;

“a Lifeguard should be able to scan their zone of supervision in 10 seconds and be close enough to get to an incident within 20 seconds”.

This is a lifeguarded principle that has been enhanced by SwimEye Scan.

SwimEye Scan allows lifeguards to combine SwimEye technology, with traditional lifeguarding techniques.  The is a new lifeguarding concept that our trusted partner Poolview, calls “Blended Lifeguarding”.

Blended Lifeguarding is a technique which combines traditional methods of pool supervision with the SwimEye digital technology.  Technology supports lifeguards to produce a safer swimming environment.

Q: Will SwimEye supply and install my new system?

A: SwimEye provides the following complete service to our clients:

– technical assistance and engineering support during swimming pool design,
– sales and sales support,
– supply of equipment and technology,
– installation services,
– commissioning and handover; and,
– 24/7 operational and maintenance support.

In international markets beyond Scandinavia, it is common for clients to work directly with one of our trusted partners, who provide local language and installation support.

Q: How long does the installation process take?

A: Typically, a SwimEye system can be designed, installed and fully operational within 8 to 14 week after an order is confirmed.   

Camera houses are installed prior to water filling (if possible) and system calibration is completed within 4 weeks after water fill.

Q: What level of service and maintenance does SwimEye provide to clients?

A: SwimEye service and maintenance support are available and contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

We can remotely access, inspect, maintain and update all SwimEye systems from our head office.  SwimEye technical staff can resolve most issues remotely or with the client’s support at the swimming pool.  However, we also provide “on-site service” for any more complicated service and maintenance issues.

Q: Are SwimEye products covered by any warranties?

A: All SwimEye hardware is covered by a warranty period ranging from 3 to 5 years.

The time period will commence at the system hand-over date.  Clients can select the warranty time period when purchasing a SwimEye product.

Q: What role do SwimEye's trusted partners play?

A: SwimEye’s products and services can be purchased directly through SwimEye.

However, our partners are licensed to provide SwimEye products to our most active markets.

If SwimEye is purchased through one of our partners, we remain in close contact “behind the scenes” to ensure clients receive the same high-quality products, service and product support.

Q: Who is Davo AS?

A: Davo AS is the business entity which operates SwimEye.  SwimEye is the name of our flagship product and the SwimEye name is also used as our corporate identity.  SwimEye is a Trade Mark of Davo AS.

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