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On top of the world in Iceland

In January 2018, SwimEye delivered their first computer vision detection system in Iceland. SwimEye was installed at Sundhöllin, Reykjavik. The facility underwent a major renovation and they installed SwimEye in the old swimming pool, for the facilities’ reopening.

After just three months in operation at Sundhöllin, a second SwimEye drowning detection and prevention system has been ordered for their shallow water pool.

This is great news for SwimEye,” says Tor Petter Johansen – SwimEye, Chief Executive Officer. “A secondary installation at Sundhöllin within a short time shows that facility staff and lifeguards appreciate the support of a digital tool like SwimEye. Sundhöllin is an excellent example for other facilities,” he said.

SwimEye complements traditional lifeguarding

Sundhöllin have quickly adopted and implemented SwimEye into their daily routine for their pool lifeguards. They have improved operational routines and achieve a higher level of pool security,” says Tor.

“Our innovative security solutions are a digital tool. SwimEye monitors pool activity in an efficient way. However, it is important to remember that our drowning detection and prevention system is not a replacement for pool lifeguards. It is a supplementary technology that helps increases pool security,” continues Tor.

“SwimEye will make the daily routine simpler and easier, for lifeguards and facility staff. SwimEye can increase the quality and accuracy of lifeguarding activities at any facility,” concludes Tor.

Raising the security and safety levels at Sundhöllin

“Pool security and client safety are a key focus of our operations at Sundhöllin,” says Logi Sigurfinnsson – Sundhöllin, Managing Director. “With the addition of SwimEye, we have adjusted our daily routines and raised the security level of our facility. Our lifeguards have strongly benefited from the support of the SwimEye alert system technology,” he says.

“SwimEye has lived up to our high expectations and a second system will further improve the security and safety of our pools,” says Logi.

Iceland’s oldest swimming pool facility

Sundhöllin is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland, with a history that dates back to 1937. It is located in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city.  The Icelandic swimming culture is well known, and Sundhöllin has had a proud place in the Reykjavik swimming culture.

It is a very popular swimming facility and attracts around 35,000 – 40,000 guests per month. Sundhöllin is ranked as the second most popular swimming site in Iceland.

“After the reopening and the addition of a new outdoor pool in December 2017, the visitor numbers have exploded,” says Logi. “We have a large group of regulars and Sundhöllin is very popular with international guests.  You can drop in for a swim or explore some of our other bathing facilities, including hot tubes and an ice bath,” concludes Logi.

If you want to learn more about SwimEye products or the Islanding swimming culture, contact SwimEye today.

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