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Press Release: drowning rescue

SwimEye confirms that on 15 October 2018, a potentially serious drowning incident occurred at a customer location in Norway.  Thankfully the swimmer was successfully rescued from the bottom of the pool. The swimmer made a short visit to the hospital for observation and has since been discharged without injury.

“We are relieved to hear that the swimmer involved in the incident was rescued from the pool before any serious personal injury could occur,” said Tor Petter Johansen – SwimEye, Chief Executive Officer.

“The customer’s incident report, supports visual evidence from our underwater cameras, that the swimmer fell unconscious following a prolonged period of underwater swimming,” continued Tor.

“We can confirm that the SwimEye drowning detection system was providing active monitoring at the time of the incident and operated perfectly.” 

“Detection was achieved, and alarms were provided in accordance with our product specification,” said Tor.

SwimEye has saved lives before

This is not the first serious incident that has occurred in a SwimEye pool.  SwimEye has prevented drownings in several serious alarm situations and thankfully, all persons involved have avoided serious injury or life-altering consequences.

This includes examples where full detection has occurred and activated lifeguard rescue procedures.  And examples where a lifeguard response was triggered by the SwimEye early warning (the countdown process before a full drowning alarm).

SwimEye saves lives.


If you would further comment regarding this matter, please contact Tor Petter Johansen – SwimEye, Chief Executive Officer.

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