SwimEye Alert

Duress alarm & rapid alert systems

SwimEye can design, supply and install duress alarms and rapid alert systems to suit any aquatic center. We can provide alarms for sauna, bathrooms, locker rooms and points of sale (cash registers). With our flexibility, we can provide any type of alert, such as alarm, sirens, and flashing lights.

Our advantage is that we can integrate your alert and alarm systems into one system with the SwimEye – Computer Vision Detection System. This creates one harmonious monitoring & control station. We can also integrate your facility CCTV system. 

Key features of SwimEye Alert


Integrate all of your alert & alarm systems, into one monitoring & control station with SwimEye.


Secure & customizable to be compliant with any regional data protection & privacy regulations.


Receive all alerts directly to one system, making supervision easier for lifeguards & management.


We will deliver the highest-quality products, software, sales support, service & maintenance.

View a feature project

SwimEye Alert – duress alarm system

This is a complete video presentation of SwimEye Alert, as installed at the Sotenäs Rehabcenter in Tumlaren, Sweden.

At Tumlaren, we have combined both our distress alerts and drowning detection technology, into one simple and integrated system.

Want to discuss alerts and alarms?

SwimEye is a drowning detection and prevention system that will make your swimming pool safer. Contact us today!


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