A drowning detection & prevention technology 

SwimEye is a technologically advanced Computer Vision Detection System for swimming pools. It works like an “extra lifeguard” under the water of your pool.

SwimEye is created by linking our proprietary technology together with high-quality hardware.

How does SwimEye work?

Our under-water cameras will monitor, track and record swimmer’s actions and movement. This information is relayed back to the Computer Vision Detection System for automatic analysis.

When SwimEye detects a swimmer in distress on the bottom of the pool, it will raise an electronic alarm to pool lifeguards and to the fixed monitoring & control station.  Lifeguards can then visually assess the developing situation within seconds of an event occurring.

This reduces and prevents the number of drowning incidents by improving the lifeguard’s reaction and response time.

<< Watch our object recognition software in action

Key features of SwimEye


Autonomous tracking & monitoring of all swimmer movements in your swimming pool.


Reduce & prevent the number of drowning incidents, by improving lifeguard reaction & response times.


Works as an “extra lifeguard” with eyes below the surface of the water in your swimming pool.


Provide an extra level of safety & assurance for swimmers, parents, lifeguards & facility owners.


Our cameras can achieve 100% visual coverage of your pool (ISO standards require 80% minimum).


Secure & customizable to be compliant with any regional data protection and privacy regulations.


Suitable for any swimming pool type, new or existing, any construction material, and all shapes & sizes.


We will deliver the highest-quality products, software, sales support, service and maintenance.

View a featured project

The Gamlingen outdoor swimming pool in Stavanger, Norway, is one of our favourite projects. Not only because this swimming pool is located in our hometown, but because the Stavanger Kommune has been one of our most supportive clients.  With difficult light and shadow challenges, Gamlingen is an excellent demonstration of SwimEye’s technical capability.

Check out this complete video presentation of the SwimEye system at the Gamlingen outdoor swimming pool.


Want to learn more about SwimEye?

SwimEye is a drowning detection and prevention system that will make your swimming pool safer. Contact us today!


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