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ABBA, SwimEye and the Sound of Security

The Sotenäs municipality in Sweden has recently completed a major renovation of the Sotenäs Rehabcenter, Tumlaren.  Work included security upgrades to both their swimming pools and their client amenity areas. 

SwimEye was excited to be involved in the renovations at Tumlaren,” says Tor Petter Johansen – SwimEye, Chief Executive Officer. “Tumlaren was once partly owned by a company called ‘Abba’. Although not actually the famous Swedish pop group, we like to joke that SwimEye is the ‘sound of security-music’ for the staff at Tumlaren,” chuckles Tor.

Security upgrades at Tumlaren:

  • The SwimEye computer vision detection system has been installed in three pools at Tumlaren;
    • 25 m swimming pool,
    • 4 x 7 m hydrotherapy pool, and;
    • partial coverage of a shallow water children’s pool.
  • SwimEye Alert (a distress alarm system) has been installed in the sauna, accessible bathrooms and client changerooms.

Innovation and security a priority for Tumlaren

“Security upgrades were a very high priority for the Sotenäs municipality”, says Jan-Åke Rödström – Sotenäs Rehabcenter, Tumlaren, Operation Manager. “When planning the renovation, Sotenäs municipality decided to implement new and innovative technologies where ever possible.  With SwimEye, we have strengthened the general security level of our pools and our other client facilities,” continued Jan-Åke.

“We now have a drowning detection system in our hydrotherapy pool. It’s tiny! This has been a challenging request in the past.  It is just 4 meters wide and 7 meters long.” continues Jan-Åke.

“We also wanted to ensure our guests feel safe and comfortable at all times. That is the main reason we have installed security for our amenity areas as well,” concludes Jan-Åke.

Complete, integrated security systems with SwimEye

“We are both excited and humbled to receive this project,” says Tor Petter Johansen – SwimEye, Chief Executive Officer.  “It has been an excellent opportunity to enter the Swedish market and display our unique and sophisticated technology.  By providing security systems in both the swimming pools and the amenities areas, we have demonstrated that SwimEye can deliver holistic security systems in any facility,” says Tor.

“At SwimEye, we are always innovating and adding new security products to our range. We aim to be flexible to our client’s needs, provide very reliable systems and ensure our technology is user-friendly. The addition of a SwimEye Alert system at Tumlaren shows that it is possible to combine different security technologies, into one easy-to-use, integrated system,” says Tor.

“We will help clients increase the safety and security across their whole facility, with one simple and efficient computer interface,” concludes Tor.

If you want to learn more about SwimEye Alert, or the internal innovative process, please contact SwimEye today.


Photo: Sotenäs Rehabcenter, hydrotherapy pool – tiny, but still risky. Detection will help save lives.

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