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SwimEye AS, it’s official!

In a recent SwimEye board meeting, a motion was raised, and all of the members agreed. It was “officially” time to change the company trading name.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure, that SwimEye announces that DAVO AS (the company behind SwimEye) is now officially trading with the name “SwimEye AS”.

“We have now consolidated our trading name to align with our product branding,” said Tor Petter Johansen, SwimEye CEO. “This will provide increased brand recognition, as we continue our international growth.”

Farewell to the DAVO acronym

At first, DAVO AS was the corporate branding of the company, and also, the name used to promote their drowning detection system.

DAVO «Data Assistert Video Overvåkning» in Norwegian, or quite simply translated, “Data Assisted Video Monitoring” in English.

Although the product name ‘SwimEye’ was created in 2006, DAVO AS continued to be both the business and product branding up until 2015.

Improved brand recognition

Over the years, the SwimEye branding has continued to become stronger and stronger. This is because of the positive reputation of their drowning detection system in the market place and because of the clarity of their new “aquatic green” product branding (launched in 2015).

“The decision to change the company’s trading name was inevitable,” continued Tor.

“We have increasingly found that our suppliers and business contacts were familiar with SwimEye and the name DAVO no longer had international appeal”, he said.

“By combining our trading identity and branding under one name, it will also make life easier for our admin team. They will no longer have to explain the link between DAVO and SwimEye; when speaking to our supply chain partners”, concluded Tor.

Shortly, SwimEye will begin implementing SwimEye AS within all of their business documentation.  SwimEye encourages all client and suppliers to do the same within their internal systems.

For more specific information about the corporate name change, please contact SwimEye today.

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