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SwimEye Scan – award winner

Over the last two years, SwimEye has been collaborating with Poolview Ltd. Poolview is located in the United Kingdom, and they service the UK and other English-speaking markets.

The result of this collaboration has led to Poolview Plus+™. This is an innovative and user-friendly pool safety product that utilizes the SwimEye – Computer Vision Detection System.

This is a customized version of SwimEye which has been adapted to a small screen interface. We have called this “SwimEye Scan”.  This means that monitoring can be located pool-side and fixed to any lifeguard tower.

SwimEye Scan allows lifeguards to combine SwimEye’s autonomous technology, with traditional lifeguarding techniques.  The is a new lifeguarding concept that Poolview calls “Blended Lifeguarding”.

What is Blended Lifeguarding

Blended Lifeguarding is a technique which combines traditional methods of pool supervision with the SwimEye digital technology.  Technology supports lifeguards to produce a safer swimming environment.

The UK market has been amazed by this innovative product

“The SwimEye technology was our missing link,” said Robin McGloughlin, Poolview – Business Director. “Over the last few years, Poolview and SwimEye have developed a mutually beneficial relationship,” Robin continued.

“SwimEye has a strong focus on flexibility.  With SwimEye Scan they have customized their system to suit the demanding UK market,” Robin continued.

“As we see it, Poolview Plus+™ has digitized traditional lifeguarding principles. Some lifeguarding principles have been practised in the UK for decades. Now these principles are truly digital,” said Robin.

Award-winning success

Poolview Plus+™ was launched in Q2 of 2017 and the market response was very positive.  Shortly after the product launch, Poolview Plus+™ won the “Best Facility Innovation Award” at the Elevate Fair, London, May 2017.

“We see a great market potential. Not only in the UK, but in countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia,” continued Robin.

“Every week we get serious requests from potential clients all over the globe. We have seen an enormous increase in the focus on swimming pool security and safety”.

“Without question, our technology has reached a new level of sophistication, integration and autonomy,” concludes Robin.

SwimEye Scan

“SwimEye Scan is a result of our focus on innovative,” informs Tor Petter Johansen, SwimEye – Chief Executive Officer. “It shows that SwimEye is flexible and able to customize products to suit any client preferences or challenges.”

Tor concluded by saying that he believes that “the collaboration between SwimEye and Poolview has benefited the market and revolutionized swimming pool safety!”

To learn more visit our product page – SwimEye Scan


Poolview Plus+™ – winner of the «Best Facility Innovation” at the Elevate fair in ExCel Arena in London, May 2017.

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