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Part 7 – SwimEye Product Guide

Part 7 – Training and Handover

The lifeguard training and culture change that takes places after commissioning.

Adjusting lifeguard routines to incorporate Digital Lifeguarding

When preparing for a system handover, SwimEye reviews the lifeguard staffing numbers at a pool and any existing lifeguard routines.

Generally, lifeguard routines can be different from pool-to-pool, however, we have found four common approaches throughout the world:

  • Lifeguards may be positioned in a tower or raised chair, watching over the pool.
  • Lifeguards may walk a set route around each pool.
  • One lifeguard may be actively stationed in a central control room whilst other lifeguards are positioned in a tower or raised chair, by each pool.
  • One lifeguard may be actively stationed in a central control room whilst other lifeguards walk a set route around each pool.

One commonality is that all lifeguarding routines require focus and attention. This makes the job of a lifeguard quite physically challenging.  Therefore, most lifeguarding routines include a regular rotation with other lifeguards, to incorporate a break period away from the pool.

In close collaboration with pool management, during the handover process, we determine how to adjust the lifeguard routines of each facility to successfully implement the Digital Lifeguarding activities.  This process includes a review of any regional lifeguarding legislation, certifications and any internal training processes.

The outcome is modified lifeguard routines that incorporate regular visits to the Monitoring and Control Station, to perform the Digital Lifeguarding activities. 

Management Commitment to Culture Change

When introducing any new technology into the workplace, training or “change management” is vital to achieving success.  Therefore it is important to remember that, by introducing drowning detection into a leisure centre or swimming hall, we are adjusting the workplace culture of our pool lifeguards. 

This is a shift from traditional lifeguarding techniques, to our concept of Digital Lifeguarding.

The most important factor in this process, is the attitude of the pool senior management team, towards the new technology.  

The senior management may actually be the same people who were responsible for the “decision to spend money” on a drowning detection system.  Therefore, pool management is typically heavily invested in achieving a successful outcome from this purchase.

Through positive collaboration with SwimEye, pool management can become champions of the lifeguard culture change.  For this reason, SwimEye always invites pool management and senior decision makers to be involved in the system design process, the review of lifeguard routines, lifeguard training and the handover process.   

This training process starts with a short pool management seminar.  This can include a discussion about the lifeguard routines or standard procedures. 

This seminar enables pool management to first understand the lifeguarding evolution created by Digital Lifeguarding and any changes to the pool culture, necessary to incorporate Digital Lifeguarding.

Next SwimEye trains the pool lifeguards.  By attending the training, senior staff help SwimEye set the tone for the pool lifeguards.  The tone is an important factor during any change management process.   A positive buy-in from pool management will significantly improve the shift lifeguard culture towards Digital Lifeguarding.

Pool management seminar outlining the lifeguarding evolution that is Digital Lifeguarding.

The pool manager and super-user undertake a hands-on training session.

Lifeguard Training

The handover process culminates with lifeguard training.  Here we provide pool lifeguards with a live introduction to SwimEye and a step-by-step guide to the Monitoring and Control Station. 

The lifeguard training includes a review of the SwimEye User Manual, a detailed description of radio alert zones and practice system testing. 

Most importantly, we outline the Digital Lifeguarding activities appropriate to each pool. 

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