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SwimEye Product Guide

Jumping into the deep end with SwimEye

Our guide to the purchase, installation and operation of drowning detection technology.


Whether you are purchasing a SwimEye drowning detection system or an alternative product, we invite you to explore this product guide.  Our aim is to provide you with a step-by-step guide to the technology, including the design, installation and operation of a drowning detection system. 

This product guide is provided to help all clients and stakeholders gain a full understanding of drowning detection technology in simple terms.  By doing so we will help you build accurate expectation levels, in advance of your decision to purchase a computer vision detection system for your swimming pool.

Attention to the detail

Although drowning prevention is a simple objective, the technology is built on a platform of many small and important details.  During the sales process, we like to carefully convey many of these details to our new clients.  This learning process helps clients and stakeholders build a deep understanding of their drowning detection system and how it can be used.

By understanding the technology ahead of the decision to purchase a drowning detection system, we have found that clients can significantly improve the implementation of the technology into the culture and daily routines of pool lifeguards.  The adaptation of technology into your lifeguard culture, is something that we call a “lifeguarding evolution”.

By reading this product guide, the client representative and pool manager are prepared and ready to use SwimEye immediately following handover.

A summary of our most commonly used terms and definitions

Part 1 – Introduction to Computer Vision Detection

Part 2 – Introduction to our concept of Digital Lifeguarding

Part 3 – Digital Lifeguarding (the combination of lifeguarding + technology)

Part 4 – The Technical Study and the system design process

Part 5 – The installation process for your pool

Part 6 – Calibration, fine-tuning and commissioning

Part 7- The training and handover process after commissioning

Part 8 – “On-Duty” with SwimEye after handover

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