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Part 2 – SwimEye Product Guide

Part 2 – An Introduction to Digital Lifeguarding

The SwimEye concept of adding technology to traditional lifeguarding techniques.

Understanding the limitations of technology

SwimEye is a lifeguard support tool, that provides ‘extra eyes’ under the water of your pool.  It tracks the movements of all swimmers and provides an alert to pool lifeguard in the event of a serious drowning incident.  SwimEye is a technological aid, that helps lifeguards prevent drownings in our pools by reducing lifeguard reaction times.  

These are the first and most important messages we give to our clients, potential customers and industry partners.  Although the technology is marvelous and empowering for our lifeguards, we must always remember that all technology has limitations.

These are statements that are also provided by the International Standard Organisation – ISO 20380; the industry standard that guides our niche technology sector.

SwimEye drowning detection technology is not a replacement for human life guards – it is a digital support tool that helps lifeguards monitor for serious drowning incidents, under the water of our pools.

We are excited about the future, as this is state-of-the-art technology that improves everyday through the continuous improvement and development of our complex computer algorithms.  Therefore, soon perhaps, we will be able to redefine these limitations.  However, presently, we must always repeat these key messages when first speaking to new clients.

A digital support tool for pool lifeguards

When supervising a pool, it is often very difficult to see down into the water.  This is because of waves, lighting, glare and shadow on the surface of the water.  Underwater cameras, however, allow us to see clearly underwater throughout an entire pool, unlike any other technology.

By combining underwater cameras with a computer vision detection system, SwimEye provides pool lifeguards with “extra eyes” under water in your pool. 

With several underwater cameras in most systems, SwimEye provides lifeguards with significant levels of “digital support” during a lifeguard shift.  This means that lifeguards are able to spend more time focusing on swimmers at the water level and perhaps also, other small customer service tasks.

Glare, shadow and waves can make supervising a pool difficult.

SwimEye provides clear, underwater images in a similar pool.

Reconsidering the job of lifeguards

In recent decades, technology has improved at exponential rates, and now more than ever, we are accustomed to technology in our everyday lives.  It is, therefore, only natural that technology is helping our pool lifeguards.

Computer-aided drowning detection is “digitalising” lifeguarding like never before, and this combination of traditional lifeguarding + technology is a concept we have called Digital Lifeguarding.

This is the first major evolution of lifeguarding techniques and equipment, in recent decades.

We therefore encourage all of our clients to be prepared to adjust the standard procedures of lifeguards, to incorporate SwimEye into lifeguard patrol routines.  The adaptation of technology into your lifeguard culture, is something that we call a “lifeguarding evolution”.

Lifeguard support in simple terms

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