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Aquanale Fair – November 2017

SwimEye’s and trusted partner Jomatec, participated in the Aquanale trade fair, Cologne, Germany, November 2017. SwimEye’s Tor Petter Johansen and Torodd Buer exhibited SwimEye at the fair.

Aquanale 2017

Aquanale is a large international trade fair. The fair focuses on the general pool industry, as well as spa, sauna and wellness products. The fair included 282 exhibitors from 30 countries. 27,000 visitors attended the show.

“Joining the fair, was a great opportunity for SwimEye. We gained international networking experience,” said Tor Petter Johansen, SwimEye – Chief Executive Officer.  “We networked with trusted partners, other contacts, and many potential clients.”

With a focus international growth, Tor thinks that trade fairs will be very important for SwimEye.

Collaboration with trusted partner Jomatec

“Both ourselves and Jomatec find the German and European markets very interesting. With our recent product innovations, we offer state-of-the-art technology,” continues Tor.

“And the collaboration between Jomatec and SwimEye has been good,” says Tor. “We have increased our market knowledge, language skills and cultural understanding of many European markets.  Having a local partner like Joe has been valuable for SwimEye,” he continues.

“Joe is a living legend in the camera business and he has a wide international network. SwimEye is happy to have a trusted partner like Jomatec,” concludes Tor.

Strong potential in the German market

Joe Matter, Jomatec – owner and proprietor, sees great potential in the German market for SwimEye products. “The market forces are very encouraging. We believe our competitive advantages will deliver success in this region of Europe,” says Joe.

For information about SwimEye trade fair exhibits in your region, contact SwimEye today.

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