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New International Markets

SwimEye has been operating in the Scandinavian market for more than a decade. Recently, they have gained traction with clients in new international markets.

“Our entry into the global arena took-off in 2017.  This has been part of our extended strategic view for some years now”, says Tor Petter Johansen, SwimEye – Cheif Executive Officer.

“Our aim is to build a strong and flexible network, with trusted partners and agents all over the globe”.

SwimEye attributes their recent international growth to the ongoing innovation and development of their Computer Vision Detection System.  With the success of their high-quality products, SwimEye believes that they are now the international benchmark in this sector. Many clients have verified this claim.

International projects.

SwimEye completed their first international projects in Switzerland, Iceland and in the United Kingdom in 2017.

“Many more international projects are now in progress and will come online in the coming months”, continues Tor. “We are penetrating new European and overseas markets”.

SwimEye is highly customizable.

“We have a very competitive product that can be customized to suit any client preferences”, said Tor. “This is perfect for the Arabic and Islamic countries, where cultural preferences require changes to vision products”.

“Additionally, we offer high-quality accessory products. We also provide security and design advice, to those who need some extra help with their aquatic center design”, says Tor.

The SwimEye network is agile and flexible.

Over the last few years, the SwimEye team has developed a broad international network and gained valuable global experience. With their agile business style, SwimEye is able to work flexibly and efficiently, to suit the modern, fast-paced business climate.

“Through ongoing collaboration with our trusted partners and agents, SwimEye truly lives up to the notion of many other disruptive businesses; ‘Think Global, Act Local’,” concludes Tor.

SwimEye outlook.

In the coming years, SwimEye will continue to develop their high-quality global brand.  They plan to show many new customers that they provide exceptional levels of innovation, quality and customer service.

With 75 SwimEye systems operating in December 2017, SwimEye aims to reach a milestone of 500 SwimEye systems operating by January 2021…!  An ambitious target, but a tangible indication of the strength and ambition of SwimEye.

For more information about the availability of SwimEye in your region, contact SwimEye today.

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