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Our first lifesaving event

SwimEye has triggered many swimming pool rescues, over its 10-year history.  Without question, lifeguards have an essential role is swimming pool safety.  However, Computer Vision Detection Systems like SwimEye, help save lives.

SwimEye automatically tracks swimmer’s movements and raises an alarm if a potential drowning incident is detected. SwimEye works like an “extra lifeguard” by providing eyes under the surface of a swimming pool.

The first lifesaving event

“SwimEye’s first major live saving incident occurring in a Scandinavian pool in 2012. Our system has since triggered more life-saving events,” says Tor Petter Johansen, SwimEye – Chief Executive Officer.

Tor is proud that the SwimEye technology has been part of saving lives, true to the 2005 concept of SwimEye founders.

“SwimEye has proven to be reliable in precious moments. It promptly raises the alarm in serious situations,” continues Tor.  SwimEye has become an efficient contributor to several life-saving incidents.”

“SwimEye has triggered both shallow water pool and deep-water pool rescues,” concludes Tor.

SwimEye reduces critical response times

Reaction times are vital during potential drowning rescues.  A drowning victim’s chance of survival can dramatically increase with improved lifeguard response times.

In a matter of seconds after a victim drops to the bottom of the pool, chances of survival significantly decrease.

SwimEye’s experience shows that it is extremely difficult to spot a victim on the bottom of a pool. This is due to the depth of water, shadow and sunshine, small waves on the pool surface, and activity in the pool.

With underwater vision, SwimEye creates a higher level of supervision for swimmers and increases pool safety.

SwimEye effective in busy pools

“Our lifeguards are very happy with SwimEye. It is a technical aid and it has improved the safety and security of our pools,” says Kjetil Christoffersen, Grottebadet – Managing Director (Norway).

At this location, SwimEye monitors five pools. Each pool has a different shape, depth and activity level – view our project portfolio file here.

“Recently, we have had a major life-saving incident.  SwimEye enabled us to quickly discover a young child who was drowning in our shallow water pool,” said Kjetil.  “SwimEye was monitoring the situation and an alarm was quickly raised. Lifeguards were alerted and were able to respond immediately as the situation occurred,” concluded Kjetil.

The young child was rescued and resuscitated within very short time. After overnight observation in hospital, the child was released from the hospital the next day.

A serious issue

Whilst swimming pools are a lot of fun, drowning incidents are a serious issue.  SwimEye is a digital aid that helps lifeguards improve incident response times.  Life saving responses would not happen without lifeguards and their critical response techniques.

As they expand into new international markets, SwimEye looks forward to further reducing potential drowning incidents and continuing to support lifeguards.

To further discuss our life-saving statistics, contact SwimEye today.

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