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SwimEye exhibits in Sweden

Träffpunkt Idrott is the largest exhibition and conference for sports and swimming facilities in the Scandinavian region.  This year’s event was held on 5 – 7 March 2018, at the Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg, Sweden.

SwimEye’s Tor Petter Johansen, Torodd Buer, and Jenny Sundelin attended the tradeshow and exhibited the SwimEye product range.

Five exhibitions in a row for SwimEye

SwimEye first attended the biannual Träffpunkt Idrott exhibition in 2008 and SwimEye has attended for the last five exhibitions in a row. The trade show attracts visitors from all over Scandinavia and other Nordic countries. It is an important sales and networking opportunity for SwimEye and all involved.

“At Gothenburg, we get the opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential clients and other contacts,” says Tor Petter Johansen, SwimEye – Chief Executive Officer.

Presenting SwimEye’s unique technology at trade shows like Träffpunkt Idrott is very important to SwimEye. Tor says that “it is important for SwimEye to be highly visible in the Scandinavian market”. Tor believes that the Swedish swimming pool market is “finally ready for new levels of innovation.”

SwimEye’s market advantages

Tor continued to say that “the user-friendly nature of SwimEye is an important point of difference in the marketplace. SwimEye’s technological advancements and flexible approach to product customization, give us a competitive advance. And we want the market to know about our innovation and flexibility”, says Tor.

“The SwimEye product portfolio provides pool owners, lifeguards and pool staff with increased security and technical support.  Our products are highly reliable, stable and perform to the highest standards,” concludes Tor.

Increased interest in SwimEye products

After the Träffpunkt Idrott exhibition SwimEye representative in Sweden, Jenny Sundelin said that “the interest for the SwimEye product range has increased with each year we have attended.  This is a great opportunity to show the sector that SwimEye is the market leader.”

The Scandinavian market, which includes Sweden is a strategic focus for SwimEye.  As the market leader, it is important for SwimEye to maintain a strong presence at trade shows in this region. Attending exhibitions like Träffpunkt Idrott also sends a strong signal, that SwimEye is a serious and professional player.

SwimEye – the international benchmark

With their professional corporate image, sophisticated products and continued pursuit of technological advancements, SwimEye sets the international benchmark in their sector.

Speaking at the trade show, Torodd Buer, SwimEye – Chief Technology Officer & Chairman said that “SwimEye aims to strengthen product security levels with competitive, technologically advanced solutions .” He concluded by saying that “SwimEye offers swimmers, lifeguards, and pool owners ever-increasing levels of automated swimming pool safety.”

To find out where SwimEye will be exhibiting next, contact SwimEye today.


Photo: Jenny Sundelin (SwimEye representative in Sweden) and CEO Tor Petter Johansen at the Träffpunkt Idrott exhibition, March 2017.

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