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Technical Consultancy & Advice

With over a decade of experience, SwimEye has expertise in swimming pool security and safety. They are market leaders in drowning detection and prevention systems and offer consultancy in the Scandinavian market.  SwimEye also has excellent knowledge of underwater vision, CCTV and distress alerts.

SwimEye’s technical expertise has led them to provide consulting and support services to international markets. This includes advice regarding security system design, and other related areas such as swimming pool construction techniques, water quality, and facility lighting.  From their experience, SwimEye has great knowledge of swimming pools of all type, shape, and depth.

SwimEye provides consultancy, advice and expertise to the industry

Many industry stakeholders, such as architects, engineers, electricians, facility managers, municipalities and swimming pool owners, now work with SwimEye to perfect their security for swimming pools and aquatic centers.

SwimEye regularly provides project advice and guidance. They also assist with project supervision and facilitate information-sharing workshops.

“We get requests for security advice on a regular basis,” says Tor Petter Johansen – SwimEye, Chief Executive Officer. “This comes from players in the swimming pool market, from all over the world; and in recent years, our consultancy service has grown.”

“At every step when designing a swimming pool, aquatic facility or center, our advice has been helpful.  We encourage industry stakeholders to contact us no matter which stage they are at. I am sure we can help,” says Tor.

SwimEye customers, sales partners and industry associations also have access to SwimEye expertise, knowledge and advice.

Finding the best solution for each customer

One of their specialties is developing product customizations to meet an individual customer’s need.

“SwimEye is in a unique position. We are flexible and accommodating of each customer and their specific needs,” says Tor.  “We are able to customize our products and security solutions at any step in the process.”

SwimEye accredits their flexibility to the use innovative technologies.  They continually focus on research and development. This approach allows them to provide the most innovative technology at any given time. They are constantly adapting their products, to offer new innovations to customers.

“Our focus on innovation translates into improved products and services,” continues Tor.  “With improving technologies, we always have new ideas and product customizations to offer our network. This results in usability and performance efficiencies.  We always seek out the absolute best security and safety solutions for our customers,” he said.

Speaking at industry forums

SwimEye also offers information sharing sessions at conferences, forums and trade shows. This has included events focused on swimming pools, facility management, water safety and digital security solutions.

However, their advice has not been limited to events focused on swimming pool computer vision detection systems. They have also attended forums regarding general security challenges, product innovation and development of the industry standard (ISO).

“Lectures, conferences and information sessions are great for the development of the industry. By sharing our experience and knowledge, we aim to continue to improve our niche part of the security sector”, continues Tor. “Leading events in the past, have also been important public relations opportunities for SwimEye,” concluded Tor.

Speaking in Denmark with partner ConnectSport

Most recently, SwimEye led a two-day industry forum in Denmark. Events were held in both Birkerød and Tarm, and hosted by SwimEye Danish partner ConnectSport.

“The swimming pool security and safety session in Denmark, was a great success,” said Peter Meyer Mortensen – ConnectSport CEO (Denmark).  “Over two days, more than 40 participants joined the sessions.  SwimEye provided detailed information about computer vision detection systems for swimming pools. This was an excellent opportunity for industry stakeholders to learn more about safety technology for swimming pools,” said Peter.

Providing stakeholders with technical training and advice

The sessions also outlined the effect and implications of the ISO 20380 Standard – for computer vision detection systems in swimming pools.  The Standard has already been implemented in Denmark.

“It is important that we help our clients and stakeholders understand changes to the industry.  By offering supplementary information sessions and training, we assist our industry to adopt the changes,” continued Peter.

“New technologies create both challenges and opportunities for the swimming pool sector. With experts like SwimEye providing information to stakeholders, we all gain a greater appreciation for the role of technology in security and safety.  This is especially important with swimming pools and the unique risks they pose,” says Peter.

As a market leader in the swimming pool security and safety sector, SwimEye has a key stake in the development and growth of the industry. If you would like to discuss your next project or forum with SwimEye, contact them today or read more at here

Photos: Tor Petter Johansen – SwimEye, Chief Executive Officer presenting to a forum in Denmark.

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