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Remember purchasing your first computer?

When purchasing any new technology, for the first time, there is a learning process that takes place.  We explore the available technology and begin to understand the benefits of each product.  New technology can deliver many benefits, however, this can be a major decision process.

One example could be purchasing your first smartphone.  Or maybe an electric car?  Perhaps you are old enough to remember the change from the typewriter, to your first computer?

With each example, there is a learning process, we make the decision to purchase and then we take advantage of the technological advancements.

Forming expectations about a new technology

When we start the learning process, we try to understand the new technology.  We explore the market place. We read customer reviews.  We speak with friends and colleagues.  We test drive the new product.

By exploring the new technology, we develop our own expectation about the product. We imagine ourselves using the product and we imagine the positive impact the product will have on our life.  Soon, we develop our own conclusions and arrive at a decision.

“I have chosen my desired product and I am ready to make the leap into the new technology!”

Improve the implementation of your drowning detection system

By understanding the SwimEye technology ahead of the decision to purchase a drowning detection system, we have found that clients significantly improve the implementation of this new technology into the workplace culture of pool lifeguards.

Therefore, when considering the purchase of a drowning detection system, we encourage all clients to start with a learning process, to form accurate expectations about the technology.

The SwimEye product guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide to the purchase, installation and operation of our drowning detection technology. 

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